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The Mooring 20s

The Happy Hour
Remember when everyone was talking about how the 2020s would be the new “Roaring 20s”? Yeah, so much for that.
Shortly after 2020 began, the world started becoming aware of COVID-19. A few months later, nearly the entire planet was locked down. And here we are in 2022 still grappling with the virus. Yet with each passing variant, it feels like we’re getting closer to the end of COVID. Not in that the disease will end – it will not – but in that we’re realizing that we’re going to have to live with it. And we now have the tools to do so.
But just as the Omicron surge starts to recede, and hope starts to creep in, there’s wave after wave of bad news in the stock market.
After not only weathering, but in many ways thriving during the pandemic, the markets are now crashing. Not all at once, but a chunk at a time, day by day. I prefer to think of this more as air being let out of an over-inflated balloon. But others are sure this is the end of another bubble. Maybe even a “Super Bubble”. Regardless, it’s happening.
And thus continues the 20s. Less the “Roaring 20s” and more then “Mooring 20s” – years constantly being held down, tied to various anchors. What could possibly be next?
Drinking: a Laughing Monk Brewing Brother Andrew Hazy IPA 🍻

Must Reads
We Accidentally Solved the Flu. Now What?
It’s Too Early to Get Excited About Web3
How to Prevent Conflict on the Way to Mars
On “Succession,” Jeremy Strong Doesn’t Get the Joke
A Look Inside Apple's Silicon Playbook
"You have to give them credit for the chutzpah to charge $19."
– Walter Gonzalez, president and founder of Goja, the makers of “MagicFiber”, a product similar to Apple’s Polishing Cloth, but which sells in packs of six for $9. The world’s most expensive dish rag is now back in stock, after completely selling out, by the way.
Quick Hits
🦖 The headline will make you think we’re about to recreate Jurassic Park. Instead, just more strong evidence that dinosaurs are the predecessors of birds…
🍄 Previously a European-exclusive, Sonoma has seemingly cracked the code on black truffles – just as happened with wine…
🪐 It looks like we’ve discovered the largest group of “rogue planets” (planets not orbiting a star) yet…
📺 Samsung has a new TV remote which can charge via solar power – importantly, from indoor lighting as well – but also from RF waves from your WiFi router. That’s sort of a “whoa” genius-level move.
🐀 Did you know that Tasmanian devils are picky eaters because Tasmanian tigers went extinct (and so they can be)? Now you do.
🎄 There were a record number of Christmas-themed movies last year. And almost all of them were awful. But it doesn’t matter. This will continue.
🐷 Roughly 30% of the words my daughter uses are British-isms from Peppa Pig. And she’s not alone, apparently.
💲 A normal person explains cryptocurrency. “But it’s real to the people who want it to be real.” *Chefs kiss*
Some Recent Writing
(Honestly, these are pretty old at this point – from August – but I’m still catching up with the backlog. Hopefully you really missed them back then!)
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Extracting Magic with iOS Live Text
Thank You, Apple! May We Have Another?
The Perfect Meme For Our Imperfect Times...
Matt Turck
VCs as tech valuations get crushed in public markets
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