The Happy Hour

By M.G. Siegler






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The Happy Hour
Issue 2! Wild week on the Apple front. Both some major policy changes through press release and some less major changes through press release that they’d like us to believe are major changes. And even more news today with regard to the press fiasco from a few weeks ago. My god, Apple, you’re making even Facebook PR blush. Lock it up.
At the same time, here we are at yet another holiday weekend in the US with COVID still more or less here, there, and everywhere. As expected. It’s both depressing and almost normal at this point – which itself is even more depressing. Lock it up.
As an aside, it’s nearly impossible to check into a hotel now and not immediately think of White Lotus. Happy Labor Day all! 🇺🇸
Drinking: some hotel check-in wine (the best kind of wine) 🍷

Must Reads
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"I’m of the opinion that Netflix has done just fine with crappy IP."
– David Offenberg, Associate Professor of Entertainment Finance in LMU’s College of Business Administration, who goes on, talking to Brandon Katz of The Observer, who himself notes:
Perhaps it’s telling that over the last 18 months, nearly every major studio is jockeying for position to be the next Netflix while Netflix isn’t in any rush to become the next dominant theatrical studio.
Quick Hits
🗣 Right, so, about that style of talking Mark Zuckerberg uses. It’s a bit weird, Right? Yes.
🎧 Speaking of talking, if you have two hours to spare, might I suggest listening to John Gruber and I talk? Come for the sports, stay for the in-depth breakdown of Apple’s recent PR breakdown.
🍎 Gruber and I talk about this in the podcast linked above, but it’s worth reading Mark Gurman’s entire newsletter about Apple’s possible succession plans. It’s perhaps not as obvious as you may think.
🦜 How ridiculous is the Margaritaville in New York City’s Times Square? I mean, pretty ridiculous. Bring back Flavortown, you cowards!
🐶 Oakland’s Ale Industries put pets that need to be adopted from the  East Bay SPCA on the front of their cans. This is brilliant. 😻🍺
🍳 RIP Ron Popeil, the infomercial king who had quite the eclectic life, and whom I will always remember thanks to Weird Al Yankovic.
📲 It turns out Apple’s first AR/VR headset may have to be connected to another device to fully function. Yes, like the Apple Watch. Makes sense. But I suspect there will also be some “stand alone” mode.
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