The Happy Hour

By M.G. Siegler

A since retired newsletter. Find the current one here:

A since retired newsletter. Find the current one here:

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"They showed the world they had an atomic bomb, and five years later they had a nuclear arsenal."-- Talal Shamoon, the chief executive of Intertrust Technologies, a digital rights management company who was working with the music industry at the time of the i…


The Last Dance

"It could well be Covid effects. It could be we are pushing on a smaller market than we thought. But I’m not sure why."-- Reed Hastings, talking on Netflix's earnings call as to why subscriber growth is slowing. Hastings is usually good for a comment like thi…


The Mooring 20s

"You have to give them credit for the chutzpah to charge $19."-- Walter Gonzalez, president and founder of Goja, the makers of "MagicFiber", a product similar to Apple's Polishing Cloth, but which sells in packs of six for $9. The world's most expensive dish …


The Logistical Pandemic

They just laughed their asses off. Like, imagine an hour of somebody just laughing at you. That was kind of how that meeting went.-- Kevin Bachus, the former director of third-party relations for Microsoft's Xbox unit, recalling (for the 20th anniversary look…



"He was without doubt the most inquisitive human I have ever met. His insatiable curiosity was not limited or distracted by his knowledge or expertise, nor was it casual or passive. It was ferocious, energetic and restless. His curiosity was practiced with in…


Epic, Indeed

"They may have an interesting technological solution, but it totally lacks personality."-- Joost van Dreunen, a New York University professor who focuses on the business of video games, on the topic of the cloud-streaming video game services and why they have…



"I’m of the opinion that Netflix has done just fine with crappy IP."-- David Offenberg, Associate Professor of Entertainment Finance in LMU’s College of Business Administration, who goes on, talking to Brandon Katz of The Observer, who himself notes:Perhaps i…


There And Back Again...

I'll also just note here that I have a ton of random links saved to share as it has been a couple months since I pulled the curtain down on my last newsletter... so, some are timely, some less so. The format will come more into focus in the coming weeks.