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The Logistical Pandemic

The Happy Hour
Next week, I was supposed to be in New York City. First trip there in two years. Instead, I will be on Zoom. First trip there in… #toosoon.
The shitshow that is COVID continues. Omicron is the latest installment which feels less scary at this point then it does annoying. That’s the thing, for those of us vaccinated (and boosted), it’s quickly become much less a health crisis than it’s a logistics crisis. This trip wasn’t cancelled over the fear that I’ll get sick, it’s more about the trickle down logistical nightmare it would cause were I to catch COVID. It would undoubtedly mean cancelling family holiday plans and a handful of other things.
I thought Alexis C. Madrigal captured this new reality of the pandemic in a recent column for The Atlantic. Madrigal caught COVID, which sucked, but it sucked just as much for the disruption to his life and the lives of those around him.
I suspect this feeling will be even more acute once vaccines are available for the under-5 group of children (hopefully early next year). At that point, assuming the vaccines hold up against this and future variants, and with all the other treatments now available and coming soon, we’ll all be living in a reality where it’s very unlikely that most people have to fear the virus itself. And instead it will be making sure we’re checking all the right boxes to make it through travel plans and the like unscathed by rules put in place largely to protect those who won’t protect themselves.
Drinking: an Almanac Love Hazy IPA (holiday themed) 🕎🎄🍻

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They just laughed their asses off. Like, imagine an hour of somebody just laughing at you. That was kind of how that meeting went.
– Kevin Bachus, the former director of third-party relations for Microsoft’s Xbox unit, recalling (for the 20th anniversary look-back at Xbox) the time when Steve Ballmer sent a team to see about acquiring Nintendo.
Quick Hits
👟 David F. Kennedy, the co-founder of the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, which helped put Nike on the map (and vice versa), passed away a couple months ago, his obit if full of interesting anecdotes.
🥪 Speaking of obits about interesting people, I didn’t expect the co-founder of Subway, Peter Buck, to have such an eclectic one. Then again, I had no idea he was a nuclear physicist by training…
🦹‍♂️ OMG, Marvel is bringing back the beloved X-Men cartoon of my youth to Disney+. And it’s a continuation of where it last left off, in 1997. They better have kept the theme song (sorry for getting it stuck in your head in advance).
💵 The Dollar Tree is now the $1.25 Tree.
🧊 You’ve likely already seen the “Icelandverse” as it was the perfect parody at the perfect time (per the above link about the “Metaverse”) but just in case…
🚙 The first reviews of Rivian’s new electric truck are in and they’re… awesome. Finally, a worthy rival to Tesla, it seems.
💌 Jony Ive’s LoveFrom designed a seal for the UK to award to companies which are leading the way in creating sustainable markets. Unsurprisingly, it’s beautiful (below).
Some Recent Writing
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Guestflix. Yet another free idea for Netflix…
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Flips and Folds. Samsung’s latest devices. Yay?
Backing Into Mandates.
Pub Life. Everytime I’m in the UK, I’m reminded…
Logan Roy: Email Hero
Diego Lerer
Logan: "I don't read my emails. I get the action points."
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