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Epic, Indeed

The Happy Hour
I’m enjoying the debate about whether the Apple v. Epic ruling is a good or bad thing for both sides on Twitter. Yes, Apple won on almost all counts but they were always expected to. The most interesting element is what the judge did with regard to steering. Apple can declare victory all they want. And Epic can declare defeat all they want. This is a massive change (if it holds, of course – it will be challenged) that will have real ramifications far beyond this case.
And that’s why I’m choosing to believe that Epic actually knows what they’re doing here, statements aside. And also that Apple may actually not have a firm grasp of what is happening. It’s another domino in the line that has been falling. And they’re going to keep falling. Apple should probably get ahead of the cascade, but is utterly failing to do so. It’s fascinating to watch, at least.
Anyway, more thoughts to come on that topic. I also need to catch up on the Facebook Glass – er, Wayfarers? – news. The quick buzz seems to be that they’re actually well done, but why on Earth is a company like Facebook, in the precarious trust position they’re in on several fronts, aiming to launch them? At least do it under a sub-brand?! Then again, we’ve been down this path before. And it ended up, okay for Facebook?
Drinking: a Fort Point Westfalia 🍻

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– Joost van Dreunen, a New York University professor who focuses on the business of video games, on the topic of the cloud-streaming video game services and why they have failed to take off, thus far.
Quick Hits
😎 It’s the weekend. How do I know? This guy posted that Daniel Craig said so.
🤖 Twitter is testing a label for bots on their platform. This is good, so we can be clear when arguments and congratulations in the future are really just bots talking to bots.
🎧 What if Microsoft had created the iPod? Hard to say – Zuuuuunnneee! aside – but the packaging undoubtedly would have looked like this. (Still funny, 15 years later – thx @atmasphere!)
🖥 Last week I noted that I wanted the “iGo” stand for the OG iMac. Kyle McDonald let me know that there’s also one for newer generations!
🕹 I’m game for basically any and all collaborations between Nintendo and Lego. The latest Super Mario 64 one is no different.
👩🏻 Last but not least, congrats to my lovely wife who Fortune has smiled upon for being great at what she does while being under 40.
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